Art Gecko @ HJS - 26 Oct 2014

Art Gecko, 27 October 2014 photos

One sunny afternoon, about 20 years ago, four founding members gathered together in a suburban house to play a few simple tunes together. Over the years they have developed into the current lineup. The band members came from diverse backgrounds and span the generations, but one common thread binds them together – a love of playing music and an enjoyment in the band camaraderie. Art Gecko enjoyed playing at a variety of functions and over the years have also been lucky enough to perform at the Hamilton, Tauranga and Rotorua jazz clubs. As a ten piece band with five different vocalists Art Gecko play an eclectic and wide range of music, whilst still retaining a “jazzy” feel to our style.

  • Barry Stirling – Lead Guitar
  • Clara Lange – Violin and Vocals
  • David Johnson – Keyboard
  • John West – Clarinet and Vocals
  • Peter Kateley – Rhythm Guitar
  • Magic Murphy – Harmonica, Percussion and Vocals
  • David West – Bass Guitar and Vocals
  • Phil Connell – Drums
  • Stuart Bayes – Trumpet and Vocals
  • Colin Ogle – Saxophone