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This Sunday, 30th of June

The Lex Pistols

supported by Paul McIsaac

Lex Pistols Rotorua
The band was formed 25 years ago and originally all the players were lawyers (Lex = law in Latin). The lineup has changed over the years and there is now only 1 practicing lawyer. The current Lex Pistols line-up is: John Holmes (the only practising lawyer left in the band) on trumpet, Carlos Palmer on clarinet/tenor sax, Bill McNicoll on banjo, Bryan Holden on string bass/electric bass and Jack McCulloch on drums.The band has played at many jazz festivals, mainly in Whangarei and Bay of Islands. We specialise in weddings, parties (especially garden), boat launchings, anniversaries, openings etc. In short, any occasion that wants a lively fun band.

Bring your dancing shoes, for some Dixie style fun!

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